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Here's what has happened so far in December 2021...

How TikTok Reads Your Mind

If you, or someone you know, is one of the billion+ people using Tiktok right now...you'll want to read this article.

In-Store Tracking: Is It A Threat To Consumer Privacy?

Why are stores collecting our data? What are they doing with it? Are they selling our data? #DataTransparency is the main things that's needed.
Council Post: In-Store Tracking: Is It A Threat To Consumer Privacy?
The tracking of retail shoppers is increasing at a rapid pace.

Facebook Won’t Change If ‘Only Incentive is Profit,’ Haugen Says

Next year “is going to be the year of tech legislation and regulation,” Steyer said in an interview before the hearing. “It’s not about Democrats and Republicans. It’s about America’s kids and families and our democracy and our sense of right and wrong.”

Get the full insight on the changes we may (or may not see) at Facebook, by reading the full article.

Now DuckDuckGo is building its own desktop browser

A new browser is coming to town that "strips away a lot of the unnecessary cruft and clutter that's accumulated over the years in major browsers." DuckDuckGo is giving us "everyday browsing that respects your privacy" - thank you.
Now DuckDuckGo is building its own desktop browser | ZDNet
Tonya Hall talks to Dr. Sridhar Ramaswamy, CEO and Co-founder at Neeva, about how a subscription-based search engine protects users’ privacy and deliver better results.

The CEO of ProtonMail Says Apple Cares About Profit More than Privacy

We're pretty sure most (if not all) companies care about profit more than anything. We want to see more companies explicitly telling us what they are doing with what what information and with who, and allowing us to opt out.

Click here to read the full article.

Mozilla Product Privacy Guide

Curious how creepy is that smart speaker, that fitness tracker, those wireless headphones your just bought? Mozilla has created a guide to help you shop for safe, secure connected products - and it's VERY helpful.

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