February 2023 News Roundup

February 2023 News Roundup
Photo by Kevin Oetiker / Unsplash

If you care about what's happening in the world of data privacy and data rights, you're in the right place.

Here's your monthly news roundup to keep you in-the-know with the latest data privacy news. We'll compile a list of top stories for you every month and send you news bytes that are easy to find in one place.

Here's what has happened so far in February 2023...

Data brokers sell your mental health data, including on depression, ADD/ADHD, insomnia, and bipolar disorder

Data Brokers and the Sale of Americans’ Mental Health Data - Tech Policy @ Sanford
Data Brokers and the Sale of Americans’ Mental Health Data The Exchange of Our Most Sensitive Data and What It Means for Personal Privacy By: Joanne Kim Overview: This...

Meta and its law firm are sanctioned over conduct in data privacy case that lead to $725 million settlement

Meta, law firm Gibson Dunn sanctioned in Facebook privacy case
A U.S. judge on Thursday sanctioned Meta Platforms Inc and its law firm, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher for “delay, misdirection and frivolous arguments” in a data privacy lawsuit over the company’s sharing of user information with third-parties.

If you lived in Michigan, and subscribed to The Economist, you could get up to 261 dollars from a data privacy settlement

The Economist pays $9.5M to settle class-action lawsuit for selling subscriber information
The Economist agreed to a settlement in a Michigan class-action lawsuit, in which it was alleged the magazine sold subscriber information to third-parties.

Grocery chains use Supermarket loyalty cards to collect and sell data about you

Forget Milk and Eggs: Supermarkets Are Having a Fire Sale on Data About You – The Markup
When you use supermarket discount cards, you are sharing much more than what is in your cart—and grocery chains like Kroger are reaping huge profits selling this data to brands and advertisers

Kentucky and Montana moving forward with State Data Privacy Bills

Kentucky, Montana privacy proposals move forward
Privacy bills proposed in Kentucky and Montana have advanced.

Report on other States and their data privacy bills

State privacy dispatch: How the 2023 landscape is materializing
IAPP Staff Writer Joe Duball offers his takeaways thus far from 2023 comprehensive state privacy law activity.

US Marshals Service suffers “major” security breach

U.S. Marshals Service suffers ‘major’ security breach that compromises sensitive information, senior law enforcement officials say
The incident did not involve the database involving the Witness Security Program, commonly known as the witness protection program, a source told NBC News.

Illinois Supreme Court weighs in on Biometric Privacy Statute

Illinois Supreme Court allows massive damages in biometric privacy cases but says lawmakers should weigh in
In a split opinion, the court found that a proposed class action over the use of fingerprint scanning of employees at White Castle could lead to $17 billion in damages, but the justices said the legislature should weigh in to clarify the intent of the law.

Americans Flunked This Test on Online Privacy

Chick-Fil-A Hit With Class-Action Privacy Lawsuit Over Video Data Collection

Chicken Fried Data: Chick-Fil-A Hit With Class Action Privacy Lawsuit
There are very few privacy laws in the US, but Chick-fil-A might have violated one of them. An obscure law from the 80s says you can’t share personally identifiable data about people’s video watching habits. A mew lawsuit says Chick-fil-A did just that.

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