Illinois Facebook Users to Receive $345 Each as early as May 2021

In October and November 2020, DDP (and Andrew Yang) let everyone know about the $650 million dollar Facebook biometric privacy settlement in Illinois. DDP encouraged its Illinois members to submit a claim to the settlement at the November 23, 2020 deadline.

Last week, the California Federal Court approved the final Facebook settlement. The Court noted that the settlement “will put at least $345 into the hands of every class member interested in being compensated,” calling it “a major win for consumers in the hotly contested area of digital privacy.” Checks could be in the mail by early May barring an appeal of the Court’s ruling. The Court also awarded the attorneys in the case $97.5 million in fees (reduced from their original request for $110 million in fees).

Facebook also agreed to set its face recognition default setting to “OFF” globally. You can read more about the final approval in the news here.