November 2023 News Roundup

November 2023 News Roundup
Photo by Ruvim Noga / Unsplash

Welcome to our monthly data privacy news roundup. Our goal is to provide you with essential updates and insights into the constantly evolving world of data privacy.

Each month, we curate a list of the most significant news stories that affect your data rights and present them in a concise and easy-to-read format. In this month's edition, we will cover the most significant news on data privacy and its implications for you.

Let's jump right into what's been happening in November 2023.

Google's $23M Data Leak Settlement Gains Final Approval

Google’s $23M Data Leak Settlement Gains Final Approval
A federal judge will approve Google’s $23 million settlement of a class-action alleging that the company’s search engine leaked consumers’ personal information by transmitting their search queries topublishers.

AT&T Confirms Third-Party Data Breach Exposing 9 Million Customer Accounts

"AT&T said the breach exposed Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI) such as the number of lines or subscribed wireless plan. This information is highly regulated by U.S. federal laws."

Big Tech Gets a Break in Social Media Addiction Lawsuit

“Big Tech loses bid to toss lawsuits alleging social media platforms harmed children,”
Social Media Addiction Suits Take Aim at Big Tech’s Legal Shield
The fate of hundreds of lawsuits claiming social media platforms have caused a youth mental health crisis will soon be in the hands of a federal judge who must evaluate whether the claims can bypass the tech industry’s legal shield.

Police love Google’s surveillance data.

"A recent court ruling in Colorado highlighted how Google’s tracking of our locations and web searches helps police find suspects when they have few leads — but it’s also sweeping innocent people into investigations."

Former Meta employee tells Senate company failed to protect teens' safety

Former Meta employee tells Senate company failed to protect teens’ safety - ETHRWorld
Meta: The employee, Arturo Bejar, worked on well-being for Instagram from 2019 to 2021 and earlier was a director of engineering for Facebook’s Protect and Care team from 2009 to 2015, he said.

‘I was addicted to social media - now I'm suing Big Tech’

‘I was addicted to social media - now I’m suing Big Tech’
The lawsuit says four of the largest social media firms knowingly expose children to harmful products.

At Meta, Millions of Underage Users Were an ‘Open Secret,’ States Say

FTC can seek tough new restrictons on Meta’s use of personal data, federal judge rules

FTC can seek tough new restrictons on Meta’s use of personal data, federal judge rules | CNN Business
A federal judge will not block the US government from expanding a landmark $5 billion privacy settlement with Instagram-parent Meta, paving the way for the Federal Trade Commission to propose tough new rules on how the social media giant can monetize user data.

How Americans View Data Privacy

How Americans View Data Privacy
The share of Americans who say they are very or somewhat concerned about government use of people’s data has increased from 64% in 2019 to 71% today. Two-thirds (67%) of adults say they understand little to nothing about what companies are doing with their personal data, up from 59%.

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