Top Ten Quotes from "What Is Your Data Worth" Clubhouse Talk

Top Ten Quotes from "What Is Your Data Worth" Clubhouse Talk

On April 15, 2021, a group of data privacy experts hosted a Clubhouse Talk titled  "What Is Your Data Worth?...And How Can You Share In That Value". The data privacy experts included:  Enoch Liang (CEO of DDP), BigToken's Lou Kerner, Killi's Neil Sweeney, Solipay's Alex Nicita, Get Cocoon's Jeff Bermant, Imagine BC's Erik Rind, and Professor Ananya Sen.

"Every company is pretty much powered by data, the question is what is the origin source of the data -- and what is the consent?" - Neil Sweeney, Killi

"College students state that privacy is important to them, but will disclose email addresses of 5 friends for a pizza slice." Ananya Sen, Professor

"The value of the data depreciates quite quickly. It cannot give you any value if you don't harvest it quickly." Ananya Sen, Professor

"Young people definitely care about their data, and they definitely don't like to be manipulated." Neil Sweeney, Killi

"Law moves at a snail's pace, technology moves hyper-fast." Enoch Liang, DDP

"You're seeing more and more Senate hearings, more and more House hearings, calls from the right and the left to regulate Big Tech." Enoch Liang, DDP

"All that data is being taken from the user without the user understanding that it has value." Jeff Bermant, Get Cocoon

"Any company who is not charging you for their service, read their privacy policy, because there is a good chance you're not getting their service for nothing." - Erik Rind, Imagine BC

"You're starting to see more and more consumer awareness about abuses of data...and so there's a rising groundswell of grassroots support among consumers which is leading regulators to do something....politicians are starting to wake up to the power of're seeing rare bipartisan support to regulate big tech." - Enoch Liang, DDP

"The future generation has the opportunity to change things. They are more sophisticated in their understanding of data than the current generation." Neil Sweeney, Killi


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